The Yoga Research Foundation needs your support! 

As a tribute to our beloved teacher, Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda, and to carry his legacy forward, the Yoga Research Foundation is happy to announce the launch of The Center for Integral Yoga. The exact date of the inauguration will be announced soon on our website.

The Center will offer a variety of educational, spiritual, and humanitarian programs and activities to synergize spirituality with science, ancient wisdom with modern technology, and to provide tools for a more qualitative, fulfilling, and meaningful life. 

Based on the principles of universal respect and collective responsibility, The Center for Integral Yoga will present powerful tools to all age groups for promoting universal love, peace, and centeredness through self-expression, a focused mind, and optimum health.

If Swamiji and his teachings have touched you in any way or form, this is the time to acknowledge his presence and, in gratitude, pay it forward.

Make your generous tax-deductible contributions to the Yoga Research Foundation -if made by check or money order-, and reference: The Center. Or donate online:


In an effort to be more eco-friendly, the Yoga Research Foundation is striving towards providing readers the option of downloading Swami Jyotirmayananda’s publications as ebooks.

The International Yoga Guide magazine is now available for online viewing. Click here to view our magazine subscription plans.

Our latest publication, Mystic Pathways through the Bible, also can be downloaded as an ebook from our Online Store for viewing on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Android, and Apple devices.


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Updated Editions

  • Yoga Vasistha
  • Raja Yoga Sutras
  • Wisdom of the Upanishads
  • Yoga Essays for Self-Improvement
  • Yoga Exercises for Health & Happiness
  • The Art of Positive Thinking

New Editions Coming Soon

  • Applied Yoga
  • Mysticism of the Mahabharata

New Publications

  • Mystic Pathways through the Bible
  • Misticismo del Ramayana
  • Perlas de la Sabiduría

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YRF has converted many of Swamiji’s audio lectures that were solely available on CD to downloadable audio mp3.

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Visit our online store and download from a wide variety of topics.


A virtual satsang portal is being created that will make accessible the entirety of Swamiji’s video archive through streaming.

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New computer, printer and other items needed urgently. 

Swamiji’s ongoing lectures can be viewed online through our video subscription plans. Subscribe Now

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