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others. If you have a certain talent, share it. If you are a   deeply embedded grudges, you are lacking mental austerity.
           musician, sing or play your music and make others happy.   Mental austerity implies practicing serenity, allowing your
           Don’t keep your talents confined within yourself or within   mind to have gentle and positive thoughts, allowing God
           your own house. Let your talent spread.               to become the prevailing focus of your mind.
               The secret truth is that you become more talented as
           your talent is shared. When you begin to utilize your energy
           to help others, to relieve the pressure from their lives, to     external and Internal Sadhana
           make them happier and more confident, and to encourage
           them to follow a spiritual path, you gain an awareness of   Yajna, dana and tapa are considered vahiranga sadhana,
           more profound fulfillment within yourself.            external means to Liberation. Bhakti (devotion to God)
               Also the whole progress and prosperity of society   blended with  jnana (wisdom) is the internal  means, or
           depends upon contributions from all different personalities   antaranga sadhana. These  two aspects  of  sadhana are
           who contribute their intelligence, their scientific insight,   interdependent. As your devotion to God grows and your
           their research, their wisdom, their experience.  That’s   reflection  on  “Who  am  I?”  deepens,  you  automatically
           how human  culture  advances—through the  continuing   become more inclined to utilize your energy for helping
           contributions of everyone.                            humanity. As you serve others with increasing goodness
                                                                 of  heart,  your  devotion  to  God  is  intensified  and  your
                  apas is generally defined as austerity. When most   understanding of yourself becomes profound.
               Tpeople hear the word austerity, they think of        With every act of goodness towards others, you
           something severe, like fasting for a long time or immersing   increasingly feel the Presence of God within and ego begins
 Chapter Five  yourself  in  the  frigid  waters  of  the  Ganges.  But  in  the   to fade. When the pressure of ego is lifted, you realize,
                                                                 “God alone is the Doer and Enjoyer in me. I am just an
           Gita tapas is austerity that balances and disciplines your
           entire personality—your body, mind, senses, and speech,   instrument in Divine Hands.”
 Karma Sanyasa Yogah—The Yoga of Renunciation of Action  so they can be best used for helping and serving others.   (Verse 29 to be continued next issue)
           Worshipping  God  through  service  to  humanity  should
           become the sustained project of your life. When it does,    W
           you are following the path leading to Liberation.            ith every act of goodness
 ajna literally means ritual sacrifice, but here in the   The first aspect of such tapas is physical austerity. Your   towards others, you increasingly
 YGita, yajna has a different meaning. Viewed in a   body should be kept as fit as possible, not just for your own   feel the Presence of God within,
 broad way, yajna refers to promoting ecological balance   enjoyment, but also as a basis for helping others. Your joy
 Bhoktaaram yajnatapasaam sarvaloka maheswaram;  in the world— doing good to all living things and leaving   will increase more and more as you allow your energy to   and ego begins to fade. When the
 Suhridam sarvabhootaanaam jnaatwaa maam saantim ricchati.  the world as you found it. You enter the world and discover   be utilized for serving others.  pressure of ego is lifted,
 a certain balance in nature. Therefore don’t deplete the   The next aspect of tapas is vocal austerity. You may   you realize, “God alone is the
 I am the Enjoyer of all sacrifices and austerities, the   forests or cause animals  to become  extinct.  All living   do lots of good deeds for people, but if your speech is
 great Lord ruling over all the worlds, and the Friend   things have a role in creation, so during your lifetime see   not under control, the effect of your good deeds will be   Doer and Enjoyer in me.
 of all beings. One who realizes me attains supreme   that they continue to exist, maintaining balance according   restricted. Your words should not hurt others. They should   I am just an
 peace. 29  to your own capacity.   be so designed that they give rise to harmony and peace,   instrument in
 In a more specific way, yajna and dana refer to your   are helpful and encouraging, and promote happiness in
 What does a spiritual aspirant seek to know through   relationship with other human beings and duties toward   others by highlighting their good qualities.  Divine Hands.”
 meditation? He tries to know the Divine Self, Who is the   them. In this context,  yajna is that which destroys the   Words are Divine gifts. Goddess Saraswati presides over
 Enjoyer of all sacrifices and austerities, the Lord of all,   negative in you and replaces it with the positive. You sacrifice   your tongue and good use of your tongue is the best flower
 the Friend of all, and the Illuminer of the intellect, mind   anger and love arises. You sacrifice pride and humility   you can offer to Goddess Saraswati. The Goddess is highly
 and senses. In describing the nature of Brahman in this   develops. Such yajna is an act of paropakar, doing good   pleased when your words are used for helping others, and
 way, Lord Krishna gives you a great formula for attaining   to others—as too, of course, is dana or charity.  She is displeased when they are hurtful. As a result of Her
 supreme peace.  displeasure, your intellect becomes increasingly blurred,
 Sacrifice (yajna) and austerity (tapas) are the most   harity always brings to mind the idea of giving   and its brightness begins to diminish.
 important duties of every individual. Included automatically   Cmoney or other material help to those who are poor   In addition to disciplining your body and speech, there
 with these two, and mentioned later in the Gita, is charity   and afflicted. Indeed, that is charity. But from a broader   must be patient discipline of your mind. If you entertain
 (dana).  point of view, charity is sharing everything you have with   angry, violent, jealous, or greedy thoughts, or maintain

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