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I Wend My Steps

                                                                         By Swami Jyotirmayananda

                                                                       I have observed the world —
                                                                                Its flowers conceal
                                                                       Poisonous serpents of pain,
                                                                     Its glories die in cold graves. . .

                                                    I have observed the vanities
                                                             Of egoistic desires,
                                                       And the bursting bubbles
                                                        Of human expectations.

                                          I have observed all beings
                                    Caught in the networks of death
                           Through attachment and infatuations. . .

                                     And thus observing,
                              I wend my steps to Eternity
                        Through the stillness of the mind
                    Illumined by the Presence of the Lord
                          Wherein past and future blend,
                                And mind is transcended
                         By the awe-inspiring revelation
                                     Of the glorious Self.

         I wend my steps to the sweet home
                     Where I lose the world
                 To gain the everlasting “I”
                      Blended with eternal
                         Existence of Bliss!!
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