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                                          Svdehm(-ari,ã kOTv; p[,vã coÊ;r;ri,m( )

                                        ?y;ninmRqn-a>y;s;t( devã pXyet(-ingU!vt( _

                        Swadeham-aranim kritwaa pranavam chottara-aranim.
                        Dhyaan-nirmathana-abhyaasaat devam pashyet-nigoodhavat.

                        Turn your body into the lower piece and Pranava or OM as the upper
                        piece of Arani (churning rods); by constant practice of meditation,
                        behold God within the heart, even like fire emerging out of the
                        churning rods.
                                                               Shwetashwatara Upanishad 1/14

                        God (symbolized as Pranava or Om) is hidden in every person like fire in wood.
                        When two pieces of wood are churned with friction, fire emerges. In the same
                        way, by practicing meditation on  Brahman (by using the mind and soul as
                        churning rods), one attains Enlightenment.
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