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Rise Beyond Attachment

                   Excessive attachment to                                   hatred (dwesha), one as deadly
                any person or object can sup-                                as the other to the blooming
                press a strong creative and                                  of the lotus in the heart of a
                spiritual movement within.                                   spiritual  aspirant.  The  cause
                Attachment means dependence                                  of both is the sadistic ego that
                upon the object  of pleasure.                                persists  in  its  identification
                Consequently, a festering                                    with  the  body.  This  brings
                weakness develops, leaving                                   about a separation from the
                the person in a state of dejected                            universal stream of conscious-
                helplessness.                                                ness. The mind is kept in a state
                   The dynamic  energy that                                  of agitation, resulting in lack of
                once supported willpower                                     discrimination and dispassion.
                withdraws into a state of inertia.                           Life is then completely filled
                The spiritual power that might                               with miseries, turmoils, and
                have carried one to mystic                                   unfavorable conditions.
                heights is suppressed in an unknown cave of        In order to remove the chains of attachment
                the unconscious.                               and hatred, you must understand: “I am not
                   Attachment is like the large-leafed tropi-  this body, nor this mind, nor the senses, nor
                cal plants that cling and entwine the trunk of   the intellect, nor this personality. All this will
                a healthy green tree. As each day goes by, it is   pass away, but I am essentially eternal spirit,
                enjoying and relishing the nourishment from    ever free, without limitations.”
                the tree, thus reducing the strength of the tree   You will surely be able to rise beyond the
                to a low ebb.                                  snare of attachment by reading the scriptures
                   Strangely enough, those who are more at-    and  reflecting  upon  their  profound  teach-
                tached to their loved ones have greater capacity   ings; by hearing sublime lectures by highly
                to hate them and torment them. The slightest   qualified Sages; by beginning a definite trend
                shadow of doubt can throw the loved one into   of mental austerity; and by foregoing the
                a high degree of fury. Most violent acts are   evil habit of mulling over past events, re-
                committed against the very person one had      calling memories of pleasant experiences,
                adored so passionately with a thousand sweet   and removing your dependence on future
                words. Therefore, attachment and hatred are    expectations.
                like twins externally, but could without warn-     Break those fetters  of attachments  that
                ing switch their names.                        obstruct your spiritual progress. Always move
                   Deep down in the subconscious, these two    forward with giant strides, like a lion in the
                giant snakes are coiled—attachment (raga) and   forest of worldly entanglements.
                         Excerpt from Yoga in Life by Swami Lalitananda
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