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of life, through His third eye He transcends all and is    The individual soul is like a bud in the creeping                            Pushti Vardhanam                           ignorance is the great climax of spiritual movement—
         ever established in the Absolute Self.                vine of the world-process, which is constituted of the                                                                       Self-realization.
             Still another ancient interpretation of the term   three gunas or modes of nature. Tamas is the prin-                        These terms mean the “increaser of nourishment.”
         Tryambakam is given by the Sanskrit terms Tristrah    ciple of inertia, rajas is the principle of activity, and              Pushti  means “nourishment” and vardhanam  means
         Ambikam Yasya—One who possesses three powers          sattwa is the principle of purity or luminosity. Every                 “increaser.”  The  Divine  Self  is  He  who  increases                Bandhanan
         (kriya shakti, ichha shakti and  jnana shakti—the     individual soul in its journey to the Absolute has to                  fragrance (sugandhim) and nourishment (pushti).                 Mrityor Muksheeya
         energy of action, the energy of desire, and the energy   break the obstacles of tamas (dark inertia), sublimate              Nourishment refers to integration of personality. Your
         of knowledge). These three shaktis or energies are    rajas (restless activity of the mind and senses), and                  personality has four great factors: reason, emotion,      These words mean liberate us from the bondage
         presided by three Goddesses: Durga, Lakshmi and       transcend sattwa (purity) through the intuitional re-                  action,  and  will.  When  you  receive  Lord  Shiva’s   of death. Death is the symbol of darkness that hampers
         Saraswati. Durga is represented as a Deity riding on a   alization of the Absolute.                                          grace, these four become well-balanced and pushti or   the unfolding of the spirit. Avidya or ignorance is the
         lion, Lakshmi stands on a lotus flower, and Saraswati      The bud of the individual soul blossoms when it                   nourishment is enhanced.                              source of death. Egoism, attachment, selfishness, and
         rides on a swan. The esoteric meaning is as follows:   receives the rays of Divine wisdom and the showers                        Just as a fruit ripens day by day, an individual   their ramifications are the meshes of death. The entire
         In the first stages of spiritual evolution, an aspirant   of Divine grace. The emanation of its fragrance comes              soul acquires maturity in the creeping vine of the    world-process is a widespread snare of death. Life is
         has to break the gross obstacles in the form of lower   with the unfolding of the latent powers of the soul.                 world-process and becomes integrated. When a fruit    a ceaseless battle against death. Spiritual life leads to
         nature. Anger, greed, lust, pride, and other evils are                                                                       develops, Nature enhances ripeness and fragrance in   the victory over death or the attainment of immortality.
         gross impurities.  The  spiritual  energy  assumes the                                                                       the fruit. Similarly as you grow and mature you are
         role of Durga in this stage and destroys the demons                                                                          like a fruit, and Lord Shiva causes that fruit to ripen. A
         of anger, greed, and other evils.                                      Sugandhim                                             Saint is a ripened fruit in the tree of the world-process.
             Then, with the destruction and sublimation of the                                                                            The Divine Self is the possessor of Prakriti or                  Maa Amritaat
         gross energy, the lotus of Spirit unfolds in the heart of   This term means fragrance. The fragrance of the                  Nature. This Divine energy is the source of all nourish-
         an aspirant. The bees of excellent virtues are attracted   rose, jasmine, queen-of-the-night and other fragrant              ment, whether it is of the body, the mind, or the soul.   These words imply, “Lead me to immortality.
         to the blooming lotus. Then spiritual energy assumes   flowers delights the heart. So too, with the unfoldment               Even if you are in the most adverse conditions, even   May I not be separated from the immortal abode of
         the role of Lakshmi and grants the objects of desire   of the Spirit, the lotus of the heart blooms and a celes-             if you are suffering from the worst malady, turn your   the Self—Brahman.’’ A common fruit falls down and
         and prosperity, both materially and spiritually.      tial fragrance emanates in the form of cheerfulness,                   mind to God Who abides in your heart, and feel that   perishes, but not the fruit of the soul that grows on
             The last stage of the spiritual journey is illumined   serenity, purity, cosmic love, compassion, satisfaction,          He is infusing you with strength, that He is vibrating   the creeper of the world-process. Having been liber-
         by the grace of Saraswati, clad in a white shining gar-  and other Divine qualities.                                         in every cell of your body, that His joy is coursing   ated, it falls into the shining ocean of Bliss. It enters
         ment. Saraswati is the advent of knowledge that dispels    These virtuous qualities are due to the presence                  through your veins. You will be relieved of all troubles.  into the Supreme Self even as a river enters into the
         all darkness from the heart. She rides on a swan, the   of shubbha vasanas or shubbha samskaras—spiritual                                                                          ocean. The soul acquires perfection by transcending
         symbol of discrimination, and she carries a vina, which   impressions based upon goodness, impressions born of
                                                                                                                                                                                            the mind, the intellect, the senses. It is established in
         denotes the music of the soul.                        samadhi  that give rise to experiences of lofty feelings                                                                     its essential nature of Sat Chit Ananda—Existence,
             Thus, Tryambakam is that One who possesses        and thoughts, of selflessness and non-violence. If you                              Urvaarukamiva                            Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute.
         these three Shaktis. He is the Supreme Lord.          develop such impressions, your personality wears a
                                                               Divine fragrance—one, however, that is totally dif-                        This term refers to a vine-like plant that bears
                                                               ferent from cosmetic fragrance. That is the spiritual                  fruit, like the cucumber or pumpkin. As the fruit grows,      hus, the short but powerful Maha
                                                               aroma that great men leave behind after they die—the                   it is sustained by the plant; but when it is mellowed     TMrityunjaya Mantra is a most ex-
                           Yajamahe                            fragrance of the soul.                                                 with sweetness, when it becomes truly ripe, it drops   quisite flower in the garden of the Vedas.

                                                                    It is due to lack of fragrance of the soul that a man             off spontaneously and detaches completely from the    It bestows upon its devotees the enjoy-
             Yajaamahe means we propitiate, adore or worship   suffers from various diseases of the body and mind.                    mother plant—and cannot be brought back into it again.   ments of the world as well as Liberation.
         that Deity. Propitiation is a process by which an aspirant   The source of all diseases is ignorance or avidya. It               Similarly, every individual is like the growing   It fulfills human desires and aspirations,
         brings about the union of his soul with the Divine Self.   gives rise to diseases of the mind called adhis. Mental           cucumber in the creeper of the world-process. The     awakens love for the Supreme, decks the
         The individual ego born of ignorance is dedicated to that   diseases manifest in the form of anger, greed, hatred,           world-process is described as a creeper  because  it   soul with excellent virtues, and liberates
         Self. It is poured as an oblation into the shining fire of   and other impurities that bring about disharmony in the         has many branches or tendrils, and it catches hold    it from the wheel of birth and death.
         knowledge that burns in the altar of the heart. This is the   flow and circulation of the vital energy in the body. This     of everyone through karmic entanglements. By Lord
         highest sacrifice. Yajaamahe indicates surrender, self-  causes various diseases of the body known as vyadhi.                Shiva’s grace you mature through personality integra-     May you repeat this Mantra regularly
         effacement, divine communion, and divine absorption.   Therefore, by meditating upon the Divine Self, Lord                   tion, develop Divine virtues, and the moment ripeness   with insight, feeling and devotion, and may
         With the sublimation of the ego, the aspirant becomes   Shiva, as the bestower or enhancer of fragrance, an                  comes, you detach from the world-process and never    its divine potency unfold in your heart and
         conscious of the surging of the cosmic life.          aspirant removes diseases from his body and his mind.                  return to it again. That freedom from the bondage of  lead you to immortality.

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