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                                         Jaagarita-sthaano bahishprajnah saptaanga
                                              ekonavinshatimukhah sthoola-bhuk
                                              Vaishwaanarah prathamah paadah.

                             The atma of the waking state is outgoing (involved in the illusion
                             of triad or triputi). He has seven limbs & nineteen mouths. He is
                             the enjoyer of the gross objects. He is the fi rst quarter (of Om)
                             known as Vaishwanara (or Vishwa).

                                                                                Mandukyopanishad 3

                             Brahman (as God associated with Maya) manifests in two ways: macrocosmic
                             and microcosmic (universal and individual—like ocean and wave).

                             Every individual is a miniature cosmos. Th  e universal aspect is known as
                             Vaishwanara (or Virat), and the individual aspect is known as Vishwa.

                             For that Virat Purusha there are seven limbs: Heaven is the head. Th  e sun and
                             moon are the eyes. Air is the breath. Fire (the sacrifi cial fi re) is His mouth.
                             Akasha is the middle (body). Water is the bladder or kidney. Earth is His feet.

                             Th  ese are His nineteen mouths: Five senses of perception, fi ve organs of action,
                             fi ve  pranas or vital forces, fourfold inner organ—mind, intellect, ego, and

                             He is the enjoyer of gross objects. In other words, He is the enjoyer of the
                             practical realities of life.
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