NAVARATRI PUJA (Mother Worship)

Worship of God in the form of the Divine Mother will be celebrated for 9 consecutive days at the Ashram, featuring enlightening lectures by Swami Jyotirmayananda followed by Prasad.


Join us for a Festive celebration on the tenth and final day - nine days of Mother Worship culminate in the Victory of the Soul! Special lecture by Swamiji, devotional music, and dinner Prasad.


$100 for all 10 days, including dinner on Vijaya Dashmi.
Those who would like to register for individual days may do so at our reception desk.

You’ll receive a confirmation by email, so please use a valid email address when registering. Please make sure to bring proof of purchase by either printing the receipt or showing the confirmation email at the Ashram reception desk on the first day of the event to confirm your registration. Please plan to arrive early to allow extra time for parking and seating.